Chapter 6 – Transportation Terminals

All spatial flows, except for personal vehicular and pedestrian trips, involve movements between terminals. Transport modes require the assembly and distribution of their traffic, both for passenger and freight. Passengers must go to bus terminals and airports first to reach their final destinations, and freight has to be consolidated at a port or a rail yard before onward shipment. Terminals are essential links in transportation chains, with many representing substantial infrastructure and capital investments. The goal of this chapter is to examine the spatial and functional characteristics of transport terminals. They occupy specific locations, and they exert a strong influence over their surroundings. At the same time, they perform specific economic functions and serve as clusters of specialized activities.


6.1 – The Function of Transport Terminals

6.2 – Transport Terminals and Hinterlands

6.3 – Port Terminals

6.4 – Rail Terminals

6.5 – Airport Terminals